Definition of Japanese knotweed in English:

Japanese knotweed

Pronunciation /ˈˌjapəˈˌnēz ˈnätˌwēd/ /ˈˌdʒæpəˈˌniz ˈnɑtˌwid/


  • A tall fast-growing Japanese plant of the dock family, with bamboo-like stems and small white flowers. It has been grown as an ornamental but tends to become an aggressive weed.

    Also called Mexican bamboo

    Reynoutria japonica, family Polygonaceae

    ‘A Forum spokesman said: ‘Whole sections of riverbanks, woodlands and hedgerows have become choked by giant hogweed and Japanese knotweed, with the main casualties native wildflowers and herbs.’’
    • ‘Coun Wild, who has had complaints from residents about Japanese knotweed growing into their gardens from council land, said: ‘Over the years it has spread voraciously and is now becoming a serious problem in parts of Kirklees.’’
    • ‘The taxonomy and nomenclature of Japanese knotweed have changed often over time, resulting in references to it in three genera: Polygonum, Reynoutria, and Fallopia.’
    • ‘Response to Herbicides: Glyphosate has been shown to be effective in controlling Japanese knotweed under certain conditions.’
    • ‘The manual is as much to do with preventing an outbreak of Japanese knotweed in an area as it is to do with how to manage the weed once it is established.’