Definición de Japanese lantern en inglés

Japanese lantern

Pronunciación /ˈˌjapəˈˌnēz ˈlan(t)ərn/ /ˈˌdʒæpəˈˌniz ˈlæn(t)ərn/


another term for Chinese lantern (sense 1)
‘For the first time, Sikh community calligraphers joined Japanese calligraphers in writing messages of Peace and Friendship in Gurmukhi on beautiful Japanese lanterns.’
  • ‘The Menorah light is a free-standing translucent pylon light and the Star of David is translated into two hanging lamps constructed like Japanese lanterns of white parchment.’
  • ‘A small fountain sat in the center, the bubbling water sparkling brightly from the warm glow of hanging Japanese lanterns and a small scattering of patio torches.’
  • ‘There were multicolored Japanese lanterns around the walls, and on the ceiling was a multicolored disco ball.’
  • ‘There were little Japanese lanterns hanging everywhere, with compact fluorescent bulbs.’