Definition of Japanese stilt grass in English:

Japanese stilt grass


  • An annual grass of Asian origin that is established as an invasive ecological threat in the eastern and southern US.

    Microstegium vimineum, family Poaceae

    • ‘From river bluffs to wetlands, mature forests to your own backyard, Japanese stilt grass is a ready invader of moist, neutral, or acidic soils.’
    • ‘The stems of Japanese stilt grass are relatively hairless and resemble a smaller version of bamboo.’
    • ‘Stabilize disturbed areas with native grasses before Japanese stilt grass can exploit the disturbance.’
    • ‘Liz Lingo lays down herbicide to kill off Japanese stilt grass growing along the edge of a former sandpit deep within Killens Pond State Park.’
    • ‘Grass - specifically, the pervasive invasive commonly known as Japanese stilt grass - is the latest challenge for Spooner in her 20-some years working to protect Umstead State Park.’