Definition of japery in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjāp(ə)rē/


See jape

‘‘Feminists on Men’ contains more ribald japery about men being stupid.’
  • ‘Mathews concocts burlesques and parodies of such rare excellence as to put one in mind of the broad literary japery of Terry Southern at his most inspired.’
  • ‘It is hard to believe that this man captained an Essex side renowned for their humour and jolly japery.’
  • ‘In The New York Times, Brooks Atkinson didn't much admire the newspaper portrait but said the play was ‘full of raucous japeries with a sense of humor.’’
  • ‘[14 Mar 02] My vague sense of emptiness at the lack of regular japeries from old friend James is finally dispelled by his triumphant return to blogging at Gas Giant.’