Definition of Japlish in English:



  • A blend of Japanese and English, either Japanese speech that makes liberal use of English expressions or unidiomatic English spoken by a Japanese person.

    • ‘in Japan it's fashionable to give shops names in Japlish’
    • ‘Japlish words’
    • ‘The article also notes the fascinating rise of hybrid languages such as Spanglish (Spanish / English) Englog (Tagalog / English), and Japlish (Japanese / English).’
    • ‘This seems to be particularly the case in Japlish, where the ludicrously overblown and frankly grammatically terrible English slogans can make sense if translated back into Japanese.’
    • ‘One of the great homes of Japlish are slogan T-shirts.’
    • ‘Many of the " ishes ’, such as Chinglish, Konglish, and Japlish may in some ways be considered Pidgins, and yet in some cases they consist of egregious errors of translation, which oft times are very hilarious to native speakers of English.’
    • ‘Japlish is the "almost-English" that you frequently see plastered all over stationery, clothing, accessories and all sorts of other things in Japan.’



/ˈjapliSH/ /ˈdʒæplɪʃ/