Definition of jargonize in English:


(British jargonise)

Pronunciation /ˈjärɡəˌnīz/ /ˈdʒɑrɡəˌnaɪz/

transitive verb

[with object]
  • Use jargon to talk about.

    ‘jargonizing the familiar may even impede communication’
    • ‘He has actually lived what careerist academics prefer to patronise and jargonise in structuralist abstraction.’
    • ‘For in whichever way you wish to package or jargonise it, there is a ` cost’ and a ` benefit’ to every management decision.’
    • ‘From ‘co-production’ to the ‘proactive de-concentration of deprivation’, the government's regeneration policy is stuffed full of jargonised platitudes.’
    • ‘People talk about ‘cruising the net’, ‘surfing in Cyberspace’ and a number of other largely meaningless and highly jargonised phrases.’
    • ‘While Joyce has a number of informed devotees among the general reading public, there is a perception that his works have in general been captured by an enclosed, academic elite or church which spends its time jargonising and theologising over the deeper significance of the author's every word.’