Definition of Jarlsberg in English:


Pronunciation /ˈyärlzbərɡ/ /ˈjɑrlzbərɡ/


  • A kind of hard yellow Norwegian cheese with many holes and a mild, nutty flavor.

    ‘All the Scandinavian food I've been craving - Jarlsberg cheese, open faced sandwiches with shrimp and salmon and waffles with jam - were abundant.’
    • ‘A full wheel of Jarlsberg weighs about 20 lb, one tenth the weight of a wheel of Emmental.’
    • ‘Take your pick of lite or regular Jarlsberg, available in slices, wedges, blocks and random weight pieces.’
    • ‘The famous Jarlsberg cheese is known for its distinctive sweet and nutty taste.’
    • ‘Jarlsberg's gentle, distinctive flavour complements ingredients rather than overpowering them. It melts well too, so it is an obvious choice when making fondues, béchamel sauces and soufflés.’


Named after the town of Jarlsberg, Norway.



/ˈyärlzbərɡ/ /ˈjɑrlzbərɡ/