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  • 1Incongruous in a striking or shocking way; clashing.

    ‘the telephone struck a jarring note in those Renaissance surroundings’
    • ‘A very fine soundtrack shifts from a winsome romanticism in the early moments to the jarring untuned piano notes in the latter fraught stages.’
    • ‘More serious is the way the last half-hour seems to lose pace, then comes to a sudden, jarring halt.’
    • ‘His outburst blaming the vandals on the estate for frightening his wife to death, was a jarring moment of realism.’
    • ‘Exhibits are dimmed whilst fantastically big projections of rarely seen war photographs cover the jarring, angular interior walls.’
    • ‘The juxtaposition makes the variation in quality all the more jarring.’
    • ‘My classmate had such a gift for asking jarring questions out of the blue.’
    • ‘The rather jarring songwriting style is noteworthy more for its ambience than its catchiness.’
    • ‘The most jarring element of the disc, however, has to be the director's choices.’
    • ‘Jarring images bled into each other the way the realities of unjust political situations always do.’
    • ‘They basically cut out an entire scene from one episode in a really jarring manner.’
    • ‘Opponents say it would have a jarring effect on the skyline.’
    • ‘It is a jarring shift from the fluff I post about to an issue of deadly seriousness.’
    • ‘Their subject matter, though, makes for a jarring and unsettling experience.’
    • ‘Apple trees serve as posts for a construction which presents a jarring contrast to the organic forms of the meadow.’
    • ‘We are ready to concede that life is the only jarring note in this otherwise perfect symphony of matter.’
    • ‘That is a more viable option to pass time than to watch this jarring take on a surge of youthful passion.’
    • ‘Occasionally, the text makes jarring jumps from one subject to another without smooth transitions.’
    • ‘Although there are a couple of jarring transitions, the bulk of the movie unfolds with organic clarity.’
    • ‘There are a couple of jarring notes.’
    • ‘Only ears attuned to the metre will hear it, but the shock of recognition is matched by a jarring discord.’
  • 2Causing a physical shock, jolt, or vibration.

    ‘the truck came to a jarring halt’
    • ‘Runners rarely need pure rest on their days off, just a break from the jarring effects of running.’
    • ‘He's a big hirer, capable of delivering jarring tackles.’
    • ‘Every step I took was having a jarring effect on my shoulders.’
    • ‘There's no way it can roll over a flat, smooth road without a sequence of jarring bumps.’
    • ‘The faces in the end zone are a jumble as the noise envelops him with each jarring stride.’
    • ‘Often, the birds are simply in shock after such a jarring accident.’
    • ‘He also shook off a clean right hook and a jarring left uppercut in a first round as the Londoner prevented the home favourite from making much of an early impression.’
    • ‘Again it was an extremely hard and jarring landing, but a successful one.’
    • ‘Tacklers are trying to knock the ball loose with jarring hits.’



/ˈjäriNG/ /ˈdʒɑrɪŋ/