Definition of jarringly in English:



See jarring

  • ‘Atkinson's portrayal of two fortysomethings, their disappointments and their soured relationship with their mother is teeth - jarringly accurate, but her courage doesn't stop there.’
  • ‘The argument that a single company is better positioned than the market to make efficient use of an idea should strike us as jarringly counterintuitive in a market economy.’
  • ‘The tone was jarringly dissonant from the sunny message Kerry and Edwards have emphasized on their first few days together on the campaign trail.’
  • ‘Nakata's film (at least until its jarringly sentimental coda) was a slight, unnerving fairytale sustained by an atmosphere of encircling evil.’
  • ‘What surprised me most about the books that follow was their desire to bring alternate voices and viewpoints sometimes jarringly into the story.’