Definition of jati in English:


nounjati, jatis

  • A caste or subcaste.

    ‘they were one of the lowest classes of all the Hindu jati’
    • ‘Tulsibhai avers that while all the tribals belonging to the Taravi and Vasava jati have joined the struggle, the upper castes in the Panchayat have stayed aloof.’
    • ‘NEW DELHI - Thanks to widespread outsourcing of telephone-service jobs, a sixth caste has blossomed in India: the Khidakayas, a mid-level jati made up of technical-support workers.’
    • ‘Jati members usually marry within their own jati and follow traditions associated with their jati.’
    • ‘Hindus take on a caste identity at birth, being born into a family within a particular jati, as the argument goes, because of actions in a previous life.’
    • ‘The dance was practiced no longer in a temple, but in a theatre; it was performed no longer by an appointed group of professional dancers, from the low Melakkara jati, but by the wealthy middle class, most often Brahmins.’


Via Hindi from Sanskrit jāti ‘birth’.