Definition of jatropha in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjatrəfə/ /ˈdʒætrəfə/


  • Any of various plants or shrubs of the genus Jatropha (family Euphorbiaceae), one species of which (Jatropha curcas) produces seeds that are used in the production of biodiesel.

    ‘Over 11.85 lakh hectares, roughly 20 per cent of the wasteland in Madhya Pradesh, has been acquired for jatropha cultivation.’
    • ‘Most of the windmill units have started planting jatropha with drip irrigation facility.’
    • ‘He said tobacco farmers could explore the cultivation of the jatropha plant, whose seed contains edible oil.’
    • ‘It has taken up jatropha cultivation in a major way.’
    • ‘In April, we acquired a 50 percent stake in a company that grows and processes a plant called jatropha.’
    • ‘In parts of rural India and Africa this provides much-needed jobs - about 200,000 people worldwide now find employment through jatropha.’
    • ‘According to the Energy and Resources Institute in New Delhi, a hectare of jatropha can produce four times as much fuel as a hectare of soybeans.’
    • ‘Other countries, such as the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and several African states, have begun to sow jatropha for future use in biodiesel.’
    • ‘They are spurred on by big oil companies like BP and the British biofuel giant D1 Oils, which are investing millions of dollars in jatropha cultivation.’
    • ‘Jatropha can grow on virtually barren land with relatively little rainfall, so it can be planted in places where food does not grow well.’
    • ‘The minister said the Government was ready to help farmers with acquisition of the jatropha seeds and information on how to grow the plant.’
    • ‘Studies show that planting arid or wastelands that are unsuitable for food production with inedible biofuel crops such as jatropha could provide a way out.’
    • ‘A research conducted by the agricultural engineering college and research institute of TNAU showed that 30-35 % of oil can be extracted from the seed of the jatropha.’
    • ‘The main advantage of using jatropha is that during a preparation process called ' esterification ', it generates a by-product, glycerine, that fetches Rs 40 per kg.’
    • ‘Jatropha requires no pesticides, Mr. Samake said, little water other than rain and no fertilizer beyond the nutrient-rich seed cake left after oil is pressed from its nuts.’
    • ‘Oil-importing countries are considering the production of biodiesel from physic nut or jatropha grown on degraded land.’
    • ‘But the company says it plans to start making biodiesel from a tree-like weed called jatropha.’
    • ‘Varieties like jungle jalebi and jatropha are ideal for wastelands while sadabhar, saijjan, kadambh, maulshree and sweet neem all germinate on their own and don't need maintenance. "’
    • ‘Mr Sharma said the farmers were apprised about the cultivation of different medicinal plants like jatropha, guarpatha and amla and also how to rotate their cycle.’
    • ‘The Perumbur plant makes the bio-fuel from jatropha and pungum plants.’


Mid 18th century modern Latin (genus name), from Greek iatros ‘physician’ + trophē ‘nourishment’.