Definition of Java sparrow in English:

Java sparrow

Pronunciation /ˈjävə ˈsperō/ /ˈdʒɑvə ˈspɛroʊ/


  • A waxbill with a large red bill and black-and-white head, native to Java and Bali but introduced widely elsewhere and popular as a pet bird.

    Padda oryzivora, family Estrildidae

    ‘The original range of the Java sparrow is Java and the adjacent islands of Bali and Kangaen.’
    • ‘Java Sparrows (Padda oryzivora), also known as Java Rice Birds and Java Temple Birds, are one of the most attractive of all finches. They are hardy, colorful, easy to breed and relatively inexpensive. The Javas are well known for their impeccable, slick plumage.’
    • ‘I have kept and bred the Java Sparrows for eight years now, this lovely finch has always appealed to me because of its sleek looks and the fact it is an easy species to look after.’