Definition of jawline in English:



  • The contour of the lower edge of a person's jaw.

    ‘he had a dark, unshaven jawline’
    • ‘His hand moved up her neck to her jawline just below the ear, his fingers slipping into her hair.’
    • ‘Patients now don't want a tight jawline and forehead, they would rather have a face that looks natural and has soft lines.’
    • ‘It's very mild electrical current, and it actually helps to reduce puffiness and to help redefine and contour the jawline.’
    • ‘In many people, the wisdom teeth are unable to erupt normally so they either remain below the jawline or don't grow in properly.’
    • ‘The jaw structure of high-fashion models is typically notably masculinized; squared chins, sharp gonial angles, angular jawlines and less protruding jaws compared to the feminine norm are fairly common among them.’