Definition of jazzbo in English:



  • 1informal A jazz musician or jazz enthusiast.

    • ‘Local jazzbos might also want to check out Charlie Biddle: An Improvised Life, a doc on the Montreal jazz scene fixture.’
    • ‘He's dipped deep in the blues and wrenched up chicken-scratch funk for a style of urban skank that appeals to Phish followers and genteel jazzbos alike.’
    • ‘You can probably tell that ‘Ole ‘'s got a bit of everything - though beautifully wild and untamed in places, it won't frighten the proverbial horses, and is a must for any burgeoning jazzbo's collection.’
    • ‘Campbell and bassist Sami Buccella both played in the Beeps, a latter-day trip-hop act comprised of the kind of frustrated jazzbos who gravitated to Portishead-style music in the late Nineties.’
    • ‘AmericanaRama plays music the way we wish others did, as a rich mix of blues, Celtic, Cajun, western swing, honky tonk, singer-songwriters, alternative country pick up bands and even a few string-bending jazzbos.’
  • 2US archaic, informal A person, especially a black man.


Early 20th century of unknown origin.