Definition of jazzed up in English:

jazzed up


  • 1Having been made more interesting, lively, or exciting.

    ‘a jazzed-up version of ‘Jingle Bells’’
    • ‘The overwrought graphics and jazzed-up layout severely reduce legibility.’
    • ‘Three men and three women in jazzed-up sports gear strut their stuff to a Wynton Marsalis score concocted for the occasion.’
    • ‘Leave the really jazzed-up sneakers for the courts and wear more subtle sneakers with your jeans or chinos.’
    • ‘They only have jazzed-up previews by which to judge whether to see a movie, and they've been burned enough that they're cynical.’
    • ‘It opens with a rhythmic theme which is essentially pure Stravinsky, jazzed-up Stravinsky, but Stravinsky nonetheless.’
    • ‘His means of transportation is a jazzed-up BMW.’
    • ‘When put together the way they are, the result is phenomenally satisfying, kind of like a jazzed-up garage band.’
    • ‘We love how last year's understated plain rings have given way to jazzed-up jewels.’
    • ‘How does the congregation respond to the jazzed-up versions of what might be well-known and favourite hymns?’
    • ‘The media giants want to keep information flow centralized, to control the new medium as if it's nothing but a jazzed-up television.’
    • ‘Without the gigantic financial rewards for progressing beyond the group stages, managers will often treat Europa League games like a jazzed-up pre-season friendly.’
    • ‘Peggy may have cut her hair in season two to look more adult, but her jazzed-up ponytail has just the right amount of playfulness.’
    • ‘Then there's jazzed-up American-diner fare: hot dogs are served with champagne, while fancy burgers come in artisan buns.’
    • ‘The menu at Links, a jazzed-up sausage shack that opened on the Lower East Side last month, is centered on brats and beer.’
    1. 1.1North American informal Full of excitement or enthusiasm.
      ‘there were a lot of people along the route who were really jazzed up about seeing the Air Force’
      ‘the kids are clearly jazzed to be performing with their heroes’
      • ‘She returned to America jazzed up with the idea of doing something for a living that would involve wildlife.’
      • ‘Boise, Idaho blew me away: how could I have known there would be such a sophisticated, jazzed-up audience there?’
      • ‘I got all jazzed up waiting for the game to come out.’
      • ‘My dog lumbers around and only gets jazzed up when there's a rolling ball or a squirrel or deer outside.’
      • ‘I usually end up staying till all hours when I have things due the next day, so I get home late - all jazzed up and feeling pumped because I actually got work done.’
      • ‘When I was in Washington D.C. a few years ago, I was all jazzed up to visit the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum, part of the Smithsonian Institution.’
      • ‘Whenever the site gets stale or boring, it only takes a couple of days for something to happen that gets me all jazzed up about writing for it again.’
      • ‘He did sound kind of jazzed up.’
      • ‘They danced to techno music before the speech began -- to get them "jazzed up," Klein explained.’
      • ‘Any shot from space just gets me all jazzed up.’
      • ‘"We're pretty jazzed up about what we're seeing in this election," he said.’
      • ‘He's already got the fan base jazzed up.’
      • ‘You have to appreciate how jazzed up the Independent Olympic Athletes appear to be.’
      • ‘The crowd, jazzed up by the dramatic win, refused to leave, staying in the park, cheering something we thought we might never see.’
      • ‘We're both really jazzed about our jobs right now.’
      • ‘They were totally jazzed about visiting Mount Vernon.’
      • ‘This untapped potential is why analysts are so jazzed about the future of wind power.’
      • ‘Maybe someday I'll learn how to land an airplane, but I was really jazzed about what I'd accomplished in just three days.’
      • ‘"Diane has been my teacher and my mentor, and I am completely jazzed to have her coming," says Wilson.’
      • ‘Who wouldn't be jazzed to play for a coach who has skydived, run with the bulls in Pamplona and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro?’