Definition of jazzily in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjazəlē/


See jazzy

‘He even did some extemporaneous work with the consecration, which he was sort of chanting, but not really chanting - jazzily ad-libbing would be more like it.’
  • ‘I admire these poems immensely, for their deftness with craft, their originality of vision, their ability to fuse old and new without devolving to gimmick and for a dignity as jazzily inventive as it is sheer.’
  • ‘Jumbled emotions, from considered melancholia to improvised celebration, are conveyed by the contrast between the sepia-toned photographs and their jazzily patterned borders.’
  • ‘Deeply saturated, brusquely painted color jazzily crisscrosses the surface, intercut with a kind of breathing space where Smith leaves the raw linen exposed.’
  • ‘Instead he animates his film with a hybrid of jazzily scored talking-head interviews and beautifully stylized narrative set pieces.’