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adjectiveadjective jazzier, adjective jazziest

  • 1Of, resembling, or in the style of jazz.

    ‘a jazzy piano solo’
    • ‘Stephanie Biddle and the Paradise Band ring in the New Year in jazzy style at Montreal's landmark jazz 'n' ribs joint.’
    • ‘That jazzy vocal style is just supposed to make you feel chilled.’
    • ‘But Darrin loves her jazzy style of singing and gorgeous looks.’
    • ‘Its a beautiful jazzy tune in a style Sarah hasn't really explored before.’
    • ‘While Ford is known as a blues guitarist, his unmistakable style brings an eloquent jazzy flavor into the mix.’
    • ‘He said a lot of people walked out, because they were expecting croony jazzy style, and were quite aghast at the new direction.’
    • ‘The musical landscape has changed, but Sade's jazzy urban style is as exuberant and satisfying as ever, nowhere more so than on the title track.’
    • ‘Again it's not jazz in the traditional sense, it's just an indie song with a jazzy middle-section and some piano ornamentation.’
    • ‘His photos of the fighter on the streets and at home mixed a relaxed, candid style and vibrant, jazzy composition.’
    • ‘The basic Spiders From Mars guitar-bass-drums lineup is fleshed out a bit with Mike Garson's jazzy piano and smooth, greasy sounding horns.’
    • ‘Sophisticated bossa nova grooves, seductive vocals and nuanced acoustic guitars are given texture by jazzy electric piano and flute and trumpet cameos.’
    • ‘Massive string swells and jazzy electric piano stabs immediately bring the more esoteric work of Carl Craig and Derrick May to mind.’
    • ‘Benny's jazzy piano faded away and I was left to finish the song.’
    • ‘Yet this same musician played the Blues movement of the Ravel Sonata with the jazzy verve of a Stephane Grappelli.’
    • ‘Every morning and evening songbirds gave us a glorious symphonic performance rich in harmony, melody and a few jazzy solos.’
    • ‘There was no disappointment, as the band let loose with jazzy groove that had people moving en masse.’
    • ‘The styles range from country shuffles through polka and rocking country to the jazzy ruminations of the closing ‘American Reprieve’.’
    • ‘The jazzy percussion's reminiscent of Liquid Liquid: snaps, shakers, cowbell, and maracas.’
    • ‘These are mixed with similarly jazzy bass motifs, and both are chopped and spliced to construct thoroughly hip-hop forms.’
    • ‘What Fat Freddy's Drop make is some of the most soulful, jazzy, and deliciously groovy music to come out of Wellington.’
    1. 1.1Bright, colorful, and showy.
      ‘jazzy ties’
      • ‘One Baptist minister, Stuart Davison, from Merseyside, for instance, is renowned for his collection of gaudy waistcoats and jazzy ties.’
      • ‘Not perhaps a jazzy colour to sport in the summer for it attracts the heat - but seeing as this little baby comes also in the shades of navy, red and green, it's not too shabby.’
      • ‘For boys, you really can't go wrong with a pair of dark jeans, a sporty T-shirt or a retro lumberjack shirt in jazzy checks and a fleece.’
      • ‘The views were to a hazy mid-distance, over fields of green, chalky white and jazzy yellow - a spectacle of colour.’
      • ‘It was quite jazzy really with a lot of lines and squares of colour.’
      • ‘I made a comment on a passing car, which was a jazzy new Mini in extremely bright red.’
      • ‘When we danced with him, we had to do absolutely authentic dances, but in jazzy costumes, to jazz music.’
      bright, colourful, brightly coloured, bright-coloured, brilliant, striking, strong, eye-catching, stimulating, exciting, interesting, effective, imaginative, graphic, vivid, lively, vibrant, bold, flamboyant, flashy, glaring, showy, gaudy, lurid, garish
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/ˈjazē/ /ˈdʒæzi/