Definition of jealously in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjeləslē/ /ˈdʒɛləsli/

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  • 1In a way that shows an envious resentment of someone or their achievements, possessions, or perceived advantages.

    ‘she stared jealously at his phone’
    • ‘I jealously watched William as he danced with other ladies’
    • ‘Emily shows Susan the sights when she visits London, leaving Ross and Carol jealously paranoid.’
    • ‘She hums in Saxon, and jealously looks at her beautiful cellmate.’
    • ‘These two jealously distrust each other.’
    • ‘Furious for being dumped as the face of the company for a younger prettier image, she begins to jealously avenge her husband's decision.’
    • ‘The director has interpreted Oberon's fairyland as a dark and earthy realm, the fairies all in tattered Gothic black, their rulers quarreling jealously.’
    • ‘In a visually economical and brilliantly staged turning point, the village idiot jealously, for love of Ivy, stabs Lucius nearly to death.’
    • ‘Little white rat Socrates becomes Willard's soul mate, and big gray rat Ben looms jealously nearby.’
    • ‘She gazes jealously out of a window above the garage, thinking the woman in the front seat with Tom is his wife.’
    • ‘She watches jealously as the couple go into a nearby room and talk to each other with great concern and care.’
    • ‘While she wanted to kill her sister in the way that all small children jealously want to kill the rival for their parents' attention, she never made any attempt to do so.’
    1. 1.1In a fiercely protective or possessive way.
      ‘he jealously guards his family's right to privacy’
      • ‘The issue here is clearly the use of the logo on the machine pic, something the company jealously guards.’
      • ‘An attorney's duty of confidentiality is, perhaps, the most jealously guarded of the professional ethics.’
      • ‘Sclerotic labor markets, typified by the 35-hour workweek, are jealously guarded by militant trade unions.’
      • ‘Congress guarded jealously the power to tax.’
      • ‘Their auto makers "will guard their position jealously," says an analyst in Tokyo.’
      • ‘Meanwhile, management jealously guards its decision-making prerogatives against labor input.’
      • ‘They guard her phone number jealously, afraid of giving away the methods behind her magic touch.’
      • ‘For a guy who has jealously guarded his privacy, the film's frankness is surprising.’
      • ‘The gang jealously guards their turf in Melbourne, Australia.’
      • ‘The defense function is the one reserved most jealously by the state.’