Definition of jeez in English:


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(also geez)
  • A mild expression used to show surprise or annoyance.

    • ‘Jeez! It's not fair!’
    • ‘Oh, you know, I've been writing for so many years, and every time I read something that I wrote a few years ago, I would think, Jeez, I can improve on that.’
    • ‘And the next time you blog, and write personal stuff, you can't help seeing that person's face before your eyes, and thinking, Jeez, he's gonna be reading this!’
    • ‘Dogbert: Jeez, it's like I'm talking to a wall here!’
    • ‘I know I have a big mouth, but give me some damn credit… Jeez.’
    • ‘If this really is gonna happen in the future then Jeez, tell me now so I can change it - I don't know if I can sit through this conversation again.’



/jēz/ /dʒiz/


1920s abbreviation of Jesus.