Definition of jefe in English:



informal US
  • A boss or leader; a person in charge of something.

    • ‘Several jefes at the packing plants had mentioned a place called La Libertad, in the extreme southern tip of Chiapas, a banana plantation area we'd not known of, so on our final day we headed down that way.’
    • ‘Nothing's more fun than winning, and it's time to tell the Democratic jefes that winning in politics requires getting more people (not more money) than the other side gets.’
    • ‘These would definitely not run into elevated costs, yet no action is being taken despite the fact that jefes in the Ministry of Works have agreed with me on this system of more efficient use of streets and roads in Port-of-Spain.’
    • ‘When the last patient was seen, the team was invited to the home of the jefe for a meal of eggs, vegetables, and tortillas.’
    • ‘Pero, I'm getting dirty looks from the jefe so let me get you those books.’



/ˈhefā/ /ˈhɛfeɪ/


Mid 19th century Spanish, from French chef chief.