Definition of Jehoshaphat in English:


(also Jehosaphat)
(also Jehosaphat, jumping Jehoshaphat)

Pronunciation /jəˈhäsəfat/ /dʒəˈhɑsəfæt/

proper noun

  • A king of Judah in the mid 9th century BC.


  • A mild expletive.

    ‘Jehoshaphat! That would be ghastly’
    • ‘Yes, as a youngster I heard a few strange exclamations too from an elderly aunt, ones like ‘jumping Jehoshaphat’ and ‘karumba’ or something to that effect.’
    • ‘The closest Mom comes to swearing is saying "shoot," "darn," "Jiminey," or "Jumping Jehoshaphat."’
    • ‘Yeah, but its an old British saying/exclamation of surprise that the Third Doctor would use, usually "Jumping Jehoshaphat" would be the version used.’



/jəˈhäsəfat/ /dʒəˈhɑsəfæt/