Definition of jejunal in English:




See jejunum

  • ‘The distal duodenum and duodenal jejunal junction is especially susceptible to damage because it is fixed in position.’
  • ‘Ileal and jejunal duplication cysts that contain ectopic gastric mucosa are also rare causes of false positive studies.’
  • ‘The patient had 2 notable congenital abnormalities: multiple dissecting pulmonary arterial aneurysms distributed in both lungs and multiple jejunal atresia with apple-peel deformity.’
  • ‘Misplacement of the duodenal jejunal junction could be due to displacement from the multiple dilated small bowel loops or a malrotation.’
  • ‘A meta-analysis of 45 studies between 1978 and 1989 with a total of 2,976 gastric tubes and 386 jejunal tubes found that aspiration rates were highly variable across different patient populations and studies.’