Definition of jejuneness in English:



See jejune

  • ‘The final ‘nah-nah-nah-nah’ chorus from Hey Jude was the sonic statement of its jejuneness.’’
  • ‘Philosophy is Atheistic or Christian, poetry is Catholic, and egotistic and mercantile jejuneness are Protestant.’
  • ‘Their outward jejuneness belies an insatiable evil within and that makes them perfect monsters (no makeup needed) that scare us mostly because they take their jobs so seriously and work around the clock to perfect their skills.’
  • ‘The radio award ceremony that each year strains the limits of ennui, explodes with a glittering array of tedium, blazes new trails in vapidity, and pushes the envelope of jejuneness.’
  • ‘When an artist is as deliciously ironic as Beck, he treads a fine line between acerbic wittiness and jejuneness – and luckily stays on the winning side.’