Definition of jejunoileal in English:



  • Of or involving the jejunum and the ileum, usually with reference to a bypass operation in which they are connected.

    ‘Other conditions associated with NASH include Weber-Christian disease, extensive small bowel resection, and jejunoileal bypass.’
    • ‘The jejunoileal bypass no longer is a recommended bariatric surgical procedure.’
    • ‘Some doctors consider surgery for obesity to be a waste of resources, and others remember the poor results from earlier procedures such as the jejunoileal bypass.’
    • ‘Regarding human cirrhosis, he cited single cases of cirrhosis due to iron storage, jejunoileal bypass, or chronic alcoholism, which apparently regressed following removal of the etiologic agents.’
    • ‘Any patient undergoing a procedure involving malabsorption must be considered at risk to develop at least some of the malabsorptive complications created by jejunoileal bypass.’



/jiˌjo͞onōˈilēəl/ /dʒɪˌdʒunoʊˈɪliəl/