Definition of jerkin in English:



  • 1A sleeveless jacket.

    • ‘A sleeveless, quilted jerkin might be all you need for extra warmth - or a large, woollen wrap instead of a coat.’
    • ‘She also decided to take woolen pants and jerkins as well as a thick lined jacket that was waterproofed.’
    • ‘Cloaks, sashes, jerkins and gloves lined the very top shelf that went the width of the wardrobe.’
    • ‘Grace finished lacing up her jerkin and reached for her sword.’
    • ‘The bag contained a tunic, a cloth jerkin, a prayer book, and, strangely enough, a book of fairy tales.’
    • ‘What use is a spunky youth in a jerkin and tights against the likes of The Joker?’
    • ‘He threw the jerkin aside and kicked the trousers off.’
    • ‘The orange I had seen was the colour of his jerkin.’
    • ‘A long, jagged scar, starting just below his right temple and ending somewhere beneath his jerkin, showed brightly against his dark skin.’
    • ‘He wore a little jerkin with the words ‘Foto Espresso’ on the back and little phrases like ‘We send your photo email’ fading on the front.’
    • ‘From the pouch tied to his jerkin, he pulled forth a small gem.’
    • ‘Turning to face her after hanging my jerkin upon the wall, I nodded.’
    • ‘Digging a hand into his jerkin, Grenton pulled out some coins, barely taking the time to count them as he threw them on the table.’
    • ‘Kieran swallowed his mouthful of chicken and wiped his hands on his jerkin.’
    • ‘Agnes barely had enough concentration to focus on the jerkin she was mending.’
    • ‘He hurried after, slipping his arms into his jerkin and shrugging it into settlement.’
    • ‘Shaking her head, Vela stuffed the note inside her jerkin and returned to her room.’
    • ‘He wore a black leather jerkin over a dark tunic, with a black belt and boots.’
    • ‘She wore a leather jerkin over a green tunic and cowhide boots.’
    • ‘She put on a leather vest with a leather jerkin when a voice came into her head.’
    1. 1.1historical A man's close-fitting jacket, typically made of leather.
      • ‘The leather jerkin beneath her robe offered Kel a sense of security as she thought of those dangers.’
      • ‘What surprised Maria was their lack of armor, except for a few that wore hardened leather jerkins over their tunics.’
      • ‘He wore a black leather jerkin over a white long sleeve shirt.’
      • ‘Instead of his robes, he wore a leather jerkin.’
      • ‘The Bloody Sword ignored him pointedly and buckled his sword belt over his embroidered jerkin.’


Early 16th century of unknown origin.