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informal North American attributive
  • Of or associated with small, remote, and insignificant rural settlements.

    • ‘some jerkwater town’
    • ‘I'm getting the hell out of this jerkwater town!’
    • ‘In Britain, we don't have such gems of railway vocabulary as jerkwater.’
    • ‘The hamburger is about as all-American as a food could possibly be… especially one named after some jerkwater town in Germany.’
    • ‘Hatcher has laid claim to a jerkwater, sweaty little mining town named Helldorado.’



/ˈjərkwôtər/ /ˈdʒərkwɔtər/


Mid 19th century from jerk+ water, from the need for early railway engines to be supplied with water in remote areas, by dipping a bucket into a stream and ‘jerking’ it out by rope.