Definition of jeroboam in English:



  • A wine bottle with a capacity four times larger than that of an ordinary bottle.

    ‘A jeroboam, at four bottles, might be more practical.’
    • ‘On top of the auction a raffle for a jeroboam equivalent to four ordinary bottles of Veuve Cliquout champagne raised a further £450.’
    • ‘‘And sometimes special packaging is done,’ she added, ‘festive packaging, like the Duvel jeroboam.’’
    • ‘When I saw it first last year, I promised to uncork a jeroboam of superlatives for its UK release.’



/ˌjerəˈbōəm/ /ˌdʒɛrəˈboʊəm/


Early 19th century named after Jeroboam, a king of Israel, ‘who made Israel to sin’ (1 Kings 11:28, 14:16).