Definition of jess in English:


Pronunciation /jes/ /dʒɛs/


usually jesses
  • A short leather strap that is fastened around each leg of a hawk, usually also having a ring or swivel to which a leash may be attached.

    • ‘It has leather jesses on its legs, which are used by falconers and people who take the birds out to hunt.’
    • ‘Birds were tethered by jesses to Astroturf-covered perches.’
    • ‘She rarely dreamed, but she did that night, fretful visions of tight-held jesses and the clipping of wings.’
    • ‘He needs no jesses, as he will not accept it and does not need training.’
    • ‘Ajan is away almost before I have opened my hand to free her jesses from my fingers.’

transitive verb

[with object]Falconry
  • Put jesses on (a hawk).


Middle English from Old French ges, based on Latin jactus ‘a throw’, from jacere ‘to throw’.



/jes/ /dʒɛs/