Definition of Jesus freak in English:

Jesus freak


informal, derogatory
  • A fervent evangelical Christian, especially one who adopts a lifestyle like that of a hippy.

    • ‘Every one of those holy-rolling Jesus freaks managed to zing me with both originality and considerable aplomb.’
    • ‘Closer to home, televangelists were still seen as Jesus freaks, not con men.’
    • ‘I think this guy is a religious fanatic and a Jesus freak, and he is just hell-bent on getting some sort of bizarro agenda through.’
    • ‘I think this guy is a religious fanatic and a Jesus freak.’
    • ‘That way, when they woke up and saw that their sign was gone, they'd know that the Jesus freaks across the lake did it.’
    • ‘Stem cell research, booming in the UK, has been dealt as a hostage to the Jesus freaks on the right.’
    • ‘A journeyman Jesus freak, he might be anywhere by now.’
    • ‘Beside the headmaster sat the Jesus freak youth leader.’
    • ‘The Jesus freak, he says, reprimands him only because she secretly wants to be in on it.’
    • ‘I'm here to talk about a tornado, not listen to bickering between a Jesus freak and a druggie.’