Definition of jet aircraft in English:

jet aircraft

nounjet aircraft

  • An aircraft powered by one or more jet engines.

    ‘during an air show, the audience is always fascinated by the speed of jet aircraft’
    ‘the world's largest commercial jet aircraft’
    • ‘With the introduction of jet aircraft, foreign travel, once an elite activity, became accessible to a broader range of Americans.’
    • ‘Fighters and bombers that were the best in the air in 1945 found themselves outclassed by the new jet aircraft in 1950.’
    • ‘The infrared homing device detects a target's heat source (e.g., a jet aircraft's tailpipe) and homes in on it.’
    • ‘For 12 days in August some 100 jet aircraft tangled in the skies over Nellis Air Base, Nevada.’
    • ‘The first Navy jet aircraft used in combat was launched from a Task Force 77 carrier July 3, 1950.’
    • ‘It is a contemporary truism that a previously unknown disease might reach New York City at the speed of a jet aircraft.’
    • ‘The major limiting factor for jet aircraft operations are the current airport facilities, particularly gravel surfaces and short runways.’
    • ‘Only last month, a passenger jet aircraft had to be escorted by fighter jets to land.’
    • ‘A longer runway means access to larger modern aircraft and in particular jet aircraft.’
    • ‘In 1944, the R.A.F. became the first air force to use jet aircraft on operational service.’