Definition of jet stream in English:

jet stream


  • 1A narrow variable band of very strong predominantly westerly air currents encircling the globe several miles above the earth. There are typically two or three jet streams in each of the northern and southern hemispheres.

    ‘brief bursts of cold air have been blown into the region by the jet stream’
    • ‘The easterly jet is replaced by a narrow westerly subtropical jet stream on the southern edge of the Himalaya.’
    • ‘Previous studies have shown that during the solar maximum, the jet stream in the Northern Hemisphere moves northward.’
    • ‘The jet stream is a band of very strong winds at around 30,000 ft above the surface of the Earth, which controls the weather that we see on the ground.’
    • ‘The strong winds along the jet stream generally blow from west to east due to the rotation of the earth.’
    • ‘The jet stream typically hovers above New England making the predominate wind a westerly one.’
    • ‘Strong cold fronts combined with the jet stream and disturbances aloft produce the most severe weather - damaging winds, hail and tornadoes.’
    • ‘Don't go blaming a dead archbishop for this, and don't blame global warming either, just blame an unusually southerly jet stream.’
    • ‘As the graphic above shows, these jet stream changes can have major effects on the USA's weather, especially in the winter.’
    • ‘A polar vortex is a persistent, large-scale weather pattern, likened to a jet stream on Earth in the upper atmosphere.’
    • ‘During unusually mild winter weather and during the summer, the jet stream retreats northward into Canada.’
    • ‘‘They were jet stream winds, stronger than a hurricane,’ team leader Pat Falvey said on satellite phone from the mountain.’
    • ‘As El Nino strengthens, the northern jet will weaken and give way to a strong southern jet stream pattern.’
    • ‘Also, there are very strong jet stream winds aloft.’
    • ‘The winds in the centre of the jet stream can be as much as 250 mph.’
    • ‘That was the strongest jet stream I ever ran into.’
    • ‘They created a simulacrum complete with a miniature jet stream and cyclonic storms.’
    • ‘In fact, the jet stream is the main concern for those facing ‘summit day’ on Everest.’
    • ‘The jet stream and the cold front met at Ft. Smith, Arkansas.’
    • ‘The jet stream is heading north where it belongs.’
    • ‘Why does the jet stream come from the west predominantly?’
  • 2A flow of exhaust gases from a jet engine.

    • ‘Then just under 24 hours later, I hear it again, but still have no luck spotting the airplane - or even her jet stream.’
    • ‘Strange that a jet stream can find a straight path through a bunch of constantly clashing asteroids as big as apartment buildings.’
    • ‘The two missiles screamed through the air pushed on by a jet stream of fire and leaving a long trail of smoke.’
    • ‘As his plane plunges into freefall, spinning helplessly in jet stream like a poohstick in an eddy.’
    • ‘The sky was clear and sunny with only the jet streams of high civil aircraft breaking an otherwise cloudless sky.’


jet stream