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nounplural noun jetties

  • 1A landing stage or small pier at which boats can dock or be moored.

    ‘Ben jumped ashore and tied the rowboat up to the small wooden jetty’
    • ‘The tender runs from the first row of old wooden jetties.’
    • ‘The wooden jetty which jutted out into the waters was long, but the Lake seemed to dwarf it effortlessly.’
    • ‘History has it that Swami Vivekananda had reached the boat jetty on December 3, 1892.’
    • ‘As the float passed by the boat jetties, officials and tourists raised slogans against plastic items.’
    • ‘Port Denison could have a new jetty before its annual Blessing of the Fleet in November.’
    • ‘A new jetty has been built allowing easy access for the boats.’
    • ‘The very long jetty was used as a wharf for the area in the days of coastal shipping.’
    • ‘Tony O'Reilly owns a villa, complete with a private jetty, on Paradise Island.’
    • ‘The company is also planning to invest in a private jetty to enable it to export bulk cement.’
    • ‘Here you can dine with a view across the lagoon, while your yacht is moored in a private jetty.’
    • ‘"Geraldton just had a small jetty at the time, " he said.’
    • ‘We started our diving from the centre's floating jetty.’
    • ‘Last week they tore down the old jetty on Bay Street.’
    • ‘Imagine picking up passengers from a jetty on the Thames and delivering them to the Côte d' Azur or the shore of Lake Geneva.’
    • ‘Next to it is a timber building overhanging the lake, a fish restaurant and a jetty for fishing and boarding ferries.’
    • ‘Bali Hai is located at Panuba Inn Resort with its own jetty connected to the dive base, and accommodation for its own divers.’
    • ‘A 70-metre jetty will connect the waters of the Atlantic to phase one of the waterfront.’
    • ‘These properties, worth well in excess of R1 million, have their own private jetties on the Nahoon River.’
    • ‘Jody stretches out on the moist jetty, and inhales the clean smell of old wood.’
    • ‘Under a steady drizzle the Ocean Hunter drew up to a small jetty nestled in the heart of a protected bay.’
    pier, landing stage, landing place, landing, quay, wharf, dock, berth, staithe, stair, stairs, finger, pontoon, marina, harbour
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    1. 1.1A breakwater constructed to protect or defend a harbor, stretch of coast, or riverbank.
      ‘engineers constructed jetties in the river to control erosion’
      • ‘During migration and winter, they inhabit rocky coasts, reefs, jetties, and breakwaters.’
      • ‘A significant on-farm innovation has been the installation of jetties on the riverbanks by Braum's own construction crews.’
      • ‘‘All the old timber jetties along the coast over time reach the end of their lives,’ Mr Flottmann said.’
      • ‘The opening of the harbor is protected by a jetty, so the harbor is never swept by storm waves, nor is it ever closed off by sedimentation.’
      • ‘They usually forage below the tide line of rocky beaches and jetties on the Washington coast.’
      • ‘His dedication to the community has been manifested in numerous ways, including mortgaging his house to fund the construction of a jetty in the Soufriere Bay.’
      • ‘They also said the construction of a new jetty posed a threat to Greenland white-fronted geese which are common on the nearby Drumharlow Lake.’
      • ‘Some fifteen minutes from the last lookout there is a stone seat from which you can view the upper harbour and the jetty at Governors Bay.’
      • ‘The harbor is protected by a long jetty running more or less north and south, and you have to enter at the southern end.’
      • ‘Now she shares her bay with three dayboats and a couple of other safari boats, and a rough jetty stretches almost to her mooring.’
      • ‘We're blowing all this money to build houses and ruin habitat with so-called beach renourishment and jetties, groins and seawalls.’
      • ‘But development, and the sand pumping, jetties, and seawalls that come with it, is overwhelming beaches.’
      • ‘Land is also being protected from the erosive forces of the sea by rock jetties that extend out to sea.’
      • ‘Rain or shine, every morning he walks down the fishing harbour jetty to feed the crows.’
      • ‘But they had to wait two years before construction was started with the jetty.’
      • ‘The track became old stone jetty, sloping straight into the sea.’
      • ‘I know this from bitter experience when fishing from the stone jetties in the Arabian Gulf.’
      • ‘We go ashore by dinghy at a pretty stone jetty surrounded by dense trees and rhododendron bushes.’
      • ‘When she reached the small concrete jetty she had problems getting up on to it.’
      • ‘Beside it was a stone jetty where people were busy - Jason in shirt sleeves, one of the detectives in a suit, and Petra, she of the long-legs.’
      pier, landing stage, landing place, landing, quay, wharf, dock, berth, staithe, stair, stairs, finger, pontoon, marina, harbour
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/ˈjedē/ /ˈdʒɛdi/


Late Middle English from Old French jetee, feminine past participle of jeter ‘to throw’ (see jet).