Definition of jeunesse dorée in English:

jeunesse dorée


treated as singular or plural
  • Fashionable, wealthy young people.

    ‘Perfume manufacturers loom surprisingly large in our surviving sources: they had a fixed place in the Athenian Agora where the jeunesse dorée congregated.’
    • ‘He lived in the circles of the jeunesse dorée who had turned away from the ideals of early Rome and embraced Hellenistic Greek culture.’
    • ‘The jazz age's jeunesse dorée flocked to the hotel, and it became the centre of the dirty weekend.’
    • ‘On account of HN being all of three weeks old and thus Manchester It bar of the moment, la jeunesse dorée du Nord were out in full effect.’


jeunesse dorée

/ZHəˌnes dôˈrā/ /ʒəˌnɛs dɔˈreɪ/


Mid 19th century French, literally ‘gilded youth’.