Definition of Jew's harp in English:

Jew's harp

Pronunciation /ˈjo͞oz ˈˌhärp/ /ˈdʒuz ˈˌhɑrp/


  • A small lyre-shaped musical instrument held between the teeth and struck with a finger. It can produce only one note, but harmonics are sounded by the player altering the shape of the mouth cavity.

    • ‘They used leaves, Jew's harps, harmonicas, and violins to create a ‘fair razz-a-ma-tazz.’’
    • ‘No furniture, no clothing, no jewelry, and only one musical instrument, a Jew's harp, were found.’
    • ‘Playing the accordion, violin, Jew's harp and the zither, a harp-like instrument laid flat on a table, these East Europeans brought Inglewood alive.’
    • ‘And these other guys are no slouches, either, as they prove while seamlessly incorporating bagpipes and Jew's harps.’
    • ‘The group also use a variety of different sounds throughout this record, including the harmonica, flugalhorn, clarinet, and Jew's harp.’
    • ‘Nowadays, Monk is primarily a vocal composer, although her music often deploys conventional instruments, from piano to Jew's harp.’


Jew's harp

/ˈjo͞oz ˈˌhärp/ /ˈdʒuz ˈˌhɑrp/