Definition of jeweler's rouge in English:

jeweler's rouge

Pronunciation /ˈjo͞o(ə)lərz ˈˌro͞o(d)ZH/ /ˈdʒu(ə)lərz ˈˌru(d)ʒ/


  • Finely ground ferric oxide, used as a polish for metal and optical glass.

    ‘I've heard of people removing scratches from glass with a jeweller's rouge but haven't tried it myself.’
    • ‘Standard boat rod guides or spinning guides are simply repolished with jeweller's rouge across all surfaces inside and out.’
    • ‘I've used jeweller's rouge on our double glazing as we keep finding tiny little scratches after they were installed and got fed up of bothering the company.’
    • ‘Also, buff your axles with jeweller's rouge, and set them with a drill press.’
    • ‘A soft cloth should be used to wipe away any residual traces of the jeweller's rouge.’
    • ‘Then I discovered sanding saddles with progressively finer paper up to #1500, then buffing with a cotton wheel and jeweller's rouge.’
    • ‘I think Israeling would be better, then carefully smooth the mating surfaced with a small felt wheel treated with jeweller's rouge.’


jeweler's rouge

/ˈjo͞o(ə)lərz ˈˌro͞o(d)ZH/ /ˈdʒu(ə)lərz ˈˌru(d)ʒ/