Definition of jewelled in English:


(US jeweled)


  • Adorned, set with, or made from jewels.

    ‘a jewelled dagger’
    • ‘When Beauty looks into the mirror, she first sees herself, adorned with the jewelled crown.’
    • ‘I stood there for what seemed like hours selecting each cuff and each jeweled centerpiece that would adorn it.’
    • ‘The flask, along with a jewelled dagger, flywhisk and a hugga, had originally been part of the collection at the Imperial Court in Delhi.’
    • ‘Now, if those trowel-botherers had been after a bag of gold coins or an ancient jewelled dagger, I might understand.’
    • ‘She followed Quadra's previous gaze, and turned to find a jewelled dagger in her face.’
    • ‘These were the last thoughts that ran through Ikouko's head before she took the jeweled dagger from the side table.’
    • ‘She was picking out pieces of limestone with a golden, jeweled dagger when she heard a deep, dangerous voice.’
    • ‘As Dominick's hand went to the hilt of the jeweled dagger in his belt, Rose stepped between them.’
    • ‘The mistress held out a sharp and jeweled dagger and with trembling hands, Yana took it.’
    • ‘They are worms to be crushed as the dust ‘neath my jewelled sandals.’
    • ‘Other superbly enamelled and jewelled reliquaries were on display, too, including the hugely elaborate casket of the 12 th-century Abbot Boniface.’
    • ‘The Conservatives presented him with a jewelled sword inscribed ‘Saviour of the Punjab.’’
    • ‘There were Krishnadeva Rayas, complete with jewelled turbans, even a Veerappan look-alike, complete with a cartridge belt.’
    • ‘So the artfully crafted notion of a ‘public domain’ ringing our jewelled isles shouldn't be too easily disparaged.’
    • ‘The jewelled cross pulled from an archaeological dig in rural Aberdeenshire does not, admittedly, look like much.’
    • ‘The jewelled brooch has a red-enamelled heart at its base, and the words ‘j'ouvre’ are outlined along its length.’
    • ‘For how can one articulate in Anglo-Saxon with a jewelled mandible that was fashioned by the ancient Konkan goldsmiths of Goa?’
    • ‘The songs are still there - dominant, jewelled, celestial beauties that seem to sum up everything without ever really trying to.’
    • ‘With chikan kurtas in beige and white colours and jewelled T-shirts in a multitude of designs, every creation has a style of its own.’
    • ‘The winner will select any 1 pair of shoes they like, no value limit, from the jeweled bridal shoe collection at’