Definition of jewfish in English:


nounplural noun jewfish, plural noun jewfishes

  • A large sporting or food fish of warm coastal waters.

    a fish of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of North America (Epinephelus itajara, family Serranidae)
    a fish of the Indo-Pacific (family Sciaenidae: several species), in particular the mulloway

    ‘It is guarded by a large resident moray eel and jewfish.’
    • ‘How can you choose between the ocean trout, jewfish, gemfish, barramundi, blue eye and flathead on the menu?’
    • ‘Across the cave, the jewfish is being cleaned by some minute gobies.’
    • ‘Today's photo is a dream of nearly all anglers, to catch two jewfish this size.’
    • ‘There are also, in separate sections, adult turtles and big fish like jewfish, tarpon, snook and stingrays.’
    • ‘He appears just as I'm about to start on a roasted jewfish with prawns, and offers a sturdy paw.’
    • ‘Apparently, he is usually seen in the summer when a female jewfish shows up to keep him company.’
    • ‘Already there is a little colour in the water, which should be great for bream and jewfish around the entrances.’
    • ‘Last Sunday off Evans Head, nearly every boat returning to port had a nice catch of fish - snapper, teraglin, flathead and jewfish.’
    • ‘Hunted nearly to extinction, the shy, greenish-grey jewfish made a comeback in these waters when laws to protect them were passed in 1990.’
    • ‘The best report I've heard to date was of good numbers of jewfish coming from the Ballina South Wall in the rough water caused by the wind and rain.’
    • ‘In the early stages of the dirty water, there were some very nice large jewfish caught off both the north and south walls.’
    • ‘I saw one angler take three big jewfish all on his homemade lures.’
    • ‘The white water that can be stirred up with a little wind often produces the conditions from which we can catch good tailor and jewfish.’
    • ‘There have also been some good jewfish and tailor taken from the headlands and breakwalls.’
    • ‘There have been good reports of tailor from Ballina's north wall and Patches Beach, and at least three large jewfish from the north wall.’
    • ‘The photo today is of a good catch of jewfish from offshore at Evans Head.’
    • ‘There are many good jewfish lures on the market.’



/ˈjo͞oˌfiSH/ /ˈdʒuˌfɪʃ/