Definition of Jewishness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjo͞oiSHnəs/ /ˈdʒuɪʃnəs/


  • The quality of being Jewish or of having characteristics regarded as typically Jewish.

    ‘the influence of his Jewishness on his work’
    • ‘For him, the attainment of wealth effaces the reality of "Jewishness."’
    • ‘There can be no straightforward account of attitudes toward Jewishness in the work of Virginia Woolf.’
    • ‘The patterns within the genre of Jewish children's literature lead us to wonder about contemporary American Jewishness.’
    • ‘Europe will force the American Jews to focus on their Jewishness, an aspect of themselves many have unsuccessfully sought to sublimate in America.’
    • ‘His Jewishness, which he does not attempt to conceal, seems to stand in the way.’
    • ‘Her Jewishness is a natural part of her character, affecting how she sees things, even how she tells her story.’
    • ‘Rather than dissociating himself from his "Semitic ancestors" through distanced and impersonal narrative, he inscribes his Jewishness in fiction.’
    • ‘He could more freely ponder the viability of the universalist ideal and the persistence of Jewishness in his new context.’
    • ‘The essay on her seems most to be about how tenuous and unsatisfactory her connections to Jewishness really are.’
    • ‘The jeweler's simultaneous affirmation and repudiation of Jewishness collapses the binary into the same.’



/ˈjo͞oiSHnəs/ /ˈdʒuɪʃnəs/