Definition of jibber-jabber in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjibərˌjabər/ /ˈdʒɪbərˌdʒæbər/

intransitive verb

[no object]informal
  • Talk in a rapid and excited way that is difficult to understand.

    • ‘he was jibber-jabbering with his wife through the entire first piece’
    • ‘he's a happy kid, always jibber-jabbering’
    • ‘One guy would jibber-jabber, then bend down to tie his shoes and stick $300 worth of stuff in his bag.’
    • ‘"I learned everything at Wolves and was really happy to have had that time there," he jibber-jabbered foolishly.’
    • ‘As the former prime minister sat under unforgiving studio lights jibber-jabbering with Andrew Marr, his interviewer of choice, it looked positively sandy on top.’
    • ‘There are no idiots just jibber-jabbering on mindlessly.’
    • ‘And so as we jibber-jabbered, no topic was taboo.’
    • ‘I just jibber-jabbered about space noise.’


  • Rapid and excited speech that is difficult to understand.

    • ‘enough jibber-jabber from me; let's get on with the story!’
    • ‘In the midst of the jibber-jabber, I somehow was able to sneak a moment away from the family.’
    • ‘For many the novelty of all that blood-soaked jibber-jabber wore thin pretty quickly.’
    • ‘For all this jibber-jabber about how I don't understand a working man's problems, you should take a look at my medical chart.’
    • ‘After some mindless email jibber-jabber, we agreed to meet.’
    • ‘I answered some questions with quite a bit too much jibber-jabber.’
    • ‘It's a stumbling block, and most of the lyrics are just kind of nonsense, jibber-jabber.’
    • ‘He raps with a slippery undulating velocity that few can match without descending into jibber-jabber or spluttering.’
    • ‘You think all this caterwauling about the deficit is just a bunch of useless jibber-jabber that will never go anywhere?’
    • ‘Boiling down the jibber-jabber: open, honest communication is paramount.’


Early 19th century related to gibber, jabber.



/ˈjibərˌjabər/ /ˈdʒɪbərˌdʒæbər/