Definition of jicama in English:



mass noun
  • The crisp white-fleshed edible tuber of the yam bean, used especially in Mexican cooking.

    • ‘He liked homemade carrot juice, nutty sunflower pate, roast jicama with a little balsamic vinegar, organic multigrain bread, and cholesterol-free egg substitute.’
    • ‘If you like, add slivered fresh spinach leaves, diced jicama, blanched and slivered snow peas, supremed oranges, or a bit of julienned mint.’
    • ‘Spoon a portion of the tangerine sauce around the hash and garnish with the mango, red pepper, jicama, jalapeño, lime slice, and cilantro sprig.’
    • ‘Trevisio served seared tuna with jicama, arugula and baby grapefruit, while 17 Restaurant dished up marinated fluke with citrus and shaved beet salad.’
    • ‘First, there are the crisp, watery roots, such as carrots, jicama, radishes, and lotus root.’
    • ‘Again, kiwi fruit and jicama were the most commonly liked, followed by red bell pepper, chickpeas, and avocado.’
    • ‘Between 25% and 50% of students asked their parents/caregivers for kiwi, red bell pepper, and jicama within the week after the tour.’
    • ‘To assemble the sushi: Brush beef slices and four slices of jicama with sauce and sprinkle with shallots.’
    • ‘Open up to new food experiences, and you never know - you may come to love yuca, jicama and chayotes.’
    • ‘First dish out from the kitchen was a seaweed salad beautifully presented inside a cylindrical basket of root vegetable I guess was jicama.’
    • ‘Try chomping on baby carrots, apple slices, jicama sticks, green beans or other crunchy vegetables dunked in a tasty, low-fat dip.’
    • ‘Corn and jicama are tossed with green romaine lettuce for a twist on the classic Caesar salad.’
    • ‘Salads such as the grapefruit and jicama and green papaya show off pristinely cut vegetables.’
    • ‘The pulled pork was served cold but was exceptionally tender, and the potato-like jicama was served very effectively in small slices.’
    • ‘Most of the Mexican jicama crop goes to the United States.’
    • ‘Place two jicama stars on top and drizzle some herb oil around the dish.’
    • ‘Second course is a heart of palm and jicama salad with a tequila-passion fruit vinaigrette.’
    • ‘Cut the fruit and jicama into same-size slices and stack them.’
    • ‘Among Nichols's innovations are jicama for cool crunch and corn chips instead of toasted croutons for crispness.’
    • ‘Next, cut each jicama half vertically into thin slices.’


Early 17th century from Mexican Spanish jícama, from Nahuatl xicama.