Definition of jiff in English:


Pronunciation /jif/ /dʒɪf/


informal in singular
  • A moment.

    • ‘I'll have breakfast ready in a jiff’
    • ‘You like scrambled eggs better? I can whip them up in a jiff.’
    • ‘He can bat for long periods, yet is so powerful that he can change the complexion of a game in a jiff.’
    • ‘I'll be back in a jiff.’
    • ‘Inside this little silver treasure box is the power to transform a room in a jiff.’
    • ‘Once I returned she punched up my receipt and had me on my merry way in a jiff.’
    • ‘If your house is relatively small, convectors are ideal for you since they don't have long wires and they warm all rooms up at a jiff!’
    • ‘Just a few exits up the road - 10 minutes, tops - is your exit, Paseo del Norte, which will get you to Fourth Street's Antique Mile in a jiff.’
    • ‘She had my mom's account up in a jiff and confirmed that she was eligible for an upgrade.’


Late 18th century shortened from jiffy.