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informal mainly British
  • Deceitful or dishonest behavior.

    • ‘the army's intervention was disguised by constitutional jiggery-pokery’
    • ‘But this bit of scientific jiggery-pokery leaves my mind in an even more boggled state than usual.’
    • ‘However, they only managed to conjure this up by jiggery-pokery.’
    • ‘Why does that require ‘work’, unless there's some jiggery-pokery going on to ensure that the chart doesn't actually reflect the real numbers?’
    • ‘You're saying there's some jiggery-pokery involved?’
    • ‘Human contacts increasingly are not human at all, but electronic jiggery-pokery - even voices are made redundant by text and e-mail.’
    • ‘How long can I do this sort of jiggery-pokery?’
    • ‘There's more technical jiggery-pokery in his next movie, a cartoon/live action version of the old Looney Tunes cartoons.’
    • ‘First Saskia admitted sleeping with Maxwell, and now Makosi and Anthony have been getting up to some suspect jiggery-pokery in the pool.’
    • ‘It was a mark of the Scottish Executive's desperation to get off the Holyrood hook that the First Minister had to rely on fiscal jiggery-pokery.’
    • ‘It is sad that the taint of financial jiggery-pokery should besmirch Salmond's image as he leaves office, and very unfair.’
    • ‘Underscoring their eccentricity and quirky jiggery-pokery is an ability to crack out a memorable pop melody.’
    • ‘Sceptics, and there are always a few, suspect a bit of jiggery-pokery and claim that nothing is ever quite what it seems.’
    • ‘With a bit of digital jiggery-pokery on the laptop I was able to turn the interviews into a half decent radio package.’
    • ‘But here we're making predictions based on certain assumptions, just like Gartner is, and using similar mathematical jiggery-pokery.’
    • ‘With the clarity of hindsight, this sort of jiggery-pokery now seems worryingly typical of WorldCom's way of doing business.’
    • ‘So we headed into nearby Soho for some late-night jiggery-pokery.’
    • ‘It isn't that spacious inside but, with a bit of jiggery-pokery I was able to fit a pushbike in the boot with the rear seats folded down.’
    • ‘Despite such digital jiggery-pokery, Deupree and Willits don't let their software get the better of them.’
    • ‘It's a cover of ‘Diamonds Are Forever’, with some sort of gritty electro jiggery-pokery.’
    • ‘Therefore there was all this jiggery-pokery so that no one actually had to consider whether he had broken the law.’
    deceit, deception, duplicity, lying, falseness, falsity, falsehood, untruthfulness



/ˌjiɡərēˈpōkərē/ /ˌdʒɪɡəriˈpoʊkəri/


Late 19th century probably a variant of Scots joukery-pawkery, from juke.