Definition of jilleroo in English:


(also jillaroo)

Pronunciation /ˌjiləˈro͞o/ /ˌdʒɪləˈru/


informal Australian
  • A young woman working on a sheep or cattle station to gain experience.

    • ‘For the jackeroos and jilleroos on their four days off it is just beginning.’
    • ‘There you will be instructed in and practice some of the skills used by jackeroos and jilleroos.’
    • ‘So here are a few shots of jilleroos doing their thing.’
    • ‘These gatherings allow the young jackeroos and jilleroos, and other rural youth, to ‘let off steam’ which usually means getting as ‘drunk as skunks’.’
    • ‘Also in the bush are jackeroos and jilleroos - cowboys and cowgirls.’
    • ‘I spent a year in Australia as an exchange student, spending most of my time as a jilleroo (cattle hand).’


1940s from the given name Jill, on the pattern of jackeroo.



/ˌjiləˈro͞o/ /ˌdʒɪləˈru/