Definition of jillion in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjilyən/ /ˈdʒɪljən/

cardinal number

informal North American
  • An extremely large number.

    • ‘they ran jillions of ads’
    • ‘Why is he telling us that his jillions of readers have a question?’
    • ‘Here on the Front Range, we get jillions of the little guys every spring.’
    • ‘When you compare it to previous wars, the Second World War, the Vietnam War, a jillion other wars, civilian casualties were very low.’
    • ‘But here's the flipside: jillions of relationships do morph from platonic to romantic every day.’
    • ‘Even with jillions of Shrek 2 DVD's selling, they'll still be smarting from the thud-in-waiting of Father of the Pride and the wiffle-to-be Shark Tale.’
    • ‘Hanks plays the part of Chuck Noland, a troubleshooting exec with FedEx, obsessed with all those jillions of packages being delivered at the time promised.’
    • ‘In fact, you shy people, there are jillions of people out there to help you, if you just (first step!) find the guts to ask.’
    • ‘Her decision to leave semi-permanent residence in Japan was an emotional, sentimental time for Joan and her jillions of friends and fans here.’
    • ‘It was very successful and we had jillions of people out there.’
    • ‘I will be staying with my family and I have jillions of relatives including many young nieces and nephews.’
    • ‘God also gave them a jillion extra gigabytes in their gray-matter computers; for them, thought becomes action before they think to act.’
    • ‘There's a jillion of them out there, the most well-known of which is John Frieda's.’
    • ‘All the fish have mommies and daddies and grandmas and grandpas all the way back for a jillion years.’
    • ‘You mean, Britney isn't really worth a jillion dollars?’
    • ‘You remember when MTV was new and they played ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ about a jillion times.’
    • ‘I really think - and I've told you a jillion times - the women called the last election and the one before that.’
    • ‘Josh recently sold his first screenplay for a jillion dollars.’
    • ‘There will be workmen to supervise, a jillion wine glasses and bits of china to organize and store, etc.’
    • ‘A jillion dollar Nikon or Canon still knows nothing about good light.’
    • ‘Then maybe I'll make a jillion copies of my fake parking ticket thingies at Office Max and give them away to you people.’


1940s fanciful formation on the pattern of billion and million.



/ˈjilyən/ /ˈdʒɪljən/