Definition of jingoistic in English:


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Pronunciation /ˈˌjiNGɡōˈistik/ /ˈˌdʒɪŋɡoʊˈɪstɪk/


  • Characterized by extreme patriotism, especially in the form of aggressive or warlike foreign policy.

    • ‘jingoistic propaganda’
    • ‘You can be patriotic without being jingoistic.’
    • ‘Our sense of national pride has been turned into plain old jingoistic nationalism by people who just want to sell us fermented grain juice.’
    • ‘I proudly inject mindless, jingoistic patriotism into my feature films.’
    • ‘The jingoistic script is hard to take at times.’
    • ‘The woman is trying to cover up her failing marriage by uttering jingoistic exultations in the midst of other people.’
    • ‘Genuine patriotism is a tough commodity to come by in these more jaded, jingoistic times.’
    • ‘This is your average jingoistic space-program flick.’
    • ‘On a nightly basis, vastly overpaid news anchors appear to vie with one another to see who can emerge the most jingoistic or lachrymose.’
    • ‘The entire manner in which the heavily criticized act was passed into law is enough to give even the most jingoistic jarhead reason to pause.’



/ˈˌjiNGɡōˈistik/ /ˈˌdʒɪŋɡoʊˈɪstɪk/