Definition of jitteriness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjid(ə)rēnəs/ /ˈdʒɪd(ə)rinəs/


See jittery

  • ‘Horrocks seems placid but you get the feeling there's a fidgety jitteriness convulsing somewhere near the surface.’
  • ‘And also, let me say something in defense of jitteriness.’
  • ‘The only likely side-effect might be a mild jitteriness.’
  • ‘Rangers quickly seized the initiative, hustling well and exuding a quiet authority that was in contrast to their opponents' jitteriness.’
  • ‘I laugh at my own jitteriness, but as I get dressed, it is at least ten minutes before I realise that both the lamps have been turned off.’



/ˈjid(ə)rēnəs/ /ˈdʒɪd(ə)rinəs/