Definition of Jivaro in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhēvəˌrō/ /ˈhivəˌroʊ/

nounJivaro, Jivaros

  • 1A member of an indigenous people of the eastern slopes of the Andes in Ecuador and Peru.

    • ‘In his piece he discussed his research trips to the Jivaros, an Amazonian tribe in Ecuador.’
    • ‘Gift-giving is also important among the Jivaro.’
    • ‘Harner's book ‘Way of the Shaman’ is a good read though, and the Jivaro journeying method is a useful technique to experiment with.’
    • ‘You know, the Jivaro believe that once they shrink their enemy's heads, the soul is trapped inside it.’
    • ‘The Jivaro have medicinal plants desired by the multinational Monsanto-Searle.’
    • ‘The Jivaro offer an interesting model, aside from the cannibalism.’
    • ‘These native peoples, including the Jivaro and the Waoroni, speak languages that are unrelated to Quechua.’
  • 2Any of the group of languages spoken by the Jivaro.


  • Relating to the Jivaro or their language.

    • ‘Dogs hold a privileged position in Jivaro households.’
    • ‘Next to him is a quite authentic Jivaro blow-gun originating with the people who used to make fully functional shrunken heads.’
    • ‘In contrast, consider the Jivaro peoples of Peru / Ecuador.’


From Spanish jíbaro, probably from the local name Shuara, Shiwora.



/ˈhēvəˌrō/ /ˈhivəˌroʊ/