Definition of Jivaro in English:


Pronunciation /ˈhēvəˌrō/ /ˈhivəˌroʊ/

nounJivaro, Jivaros

  • 1A member of an indigenous people of the eastern slopes of the Andes in Ecuador and Peru.

    ‘In his piece he discussed his research trips to the Jivaros, an Amazonian tribe in Ecuador.’
    • ‘Gift-giving is also important among the Jivaro.’
    • ‘Harner's book ‘Way of the Shaman’ is a good read though, and the Jivaro journeying method is a useful technique to experiment with.’
    • ‘You know, the Jivaro believe that once they shrink their enemy's heads, the soul is trapped inside it.’
    • ‘The Jivaro have medicinal plants desired by the multinational Monsanto-Searle.’
    • ‘The Jivaro offer an interesting model, aside from the cannibalism.’
    • ‘These native peoples, including the Jivaro and the Waoroni, speak languages that are unrelated to Quechua.’
  • 2Any of the group of languages spoken by the Jivaro.


  • Relating to the Jivaro or their language.

    ‘Dogs hold a privileged position in Jivaro households.’
    • ‘Next to him is a quite authentic Jivaro blow-gun originating with the people who used to make fully functional shrunken heads.’
    • ‘In contrast, consider the Jivaro peoples of Peru / Ecuador.’


From Spanish jíbaro, probably from the local name Shuara, Shiwora.