Definition of Job's comforter in English:

Job's comforter


  • A person who aggravates distress under the guise of giving comfort.

    ‘Examples of briers in scripture are Job's comforters and Peter.’
    • ‘Do we not need to roundly condemn Job's comforters for offering theology instead of solace at their friend's time of sorrow?’
    defeatist, fatalist, alarmist, prophet of doom, cynic, doomsayer, doomster, gloom-monger, doom-monger, doomwatcher, Cassandra


Job's comforter

/ˌjōbz ˈkəmfərdər/ /ˌdʒoʊbz ˈkəmfərdər/


Mid 18th century alluding to the biblical story (Job 16:2) of the patriarch Job.