Definition of job security in English:

job security


mass noun
  • The state of having a job that is secure and from which one is unlikely to be dismissed.

    ‘these short-term contracts offer workers little or no job security’
    • ‘Many organizations have given their core workers greater job security, with defined career opportunities.’
    • ‘Employees mention the years they have been with the company and its financial well being and growth as indicators of job security.’
    • ‘If you're looking for job security and not necessarily a specific job, go to a region that has a diverse economy.’
    • ‘Who wanted to labor for a soul-deadening company that couldn't even offer job security?’
    • ‘Why has the unfair dismissal and redundancy legislation not provided job security in the way that some had hoped?’
    • ‘That's how you become more competitive, sell more products, increase profits, and ultimately improve job security.’
    • ‘Being in an organization for any length of time provides a level of comfort, job security, and, sometimes, complacency.’
    • ‘Of those surveyed, 32.2% were very concerned about job security.’
    • ‘Someone employed as a Lecturer or Senior Lecturer enjoyed almost complete job security.’
    • ‘The union, which is seeking guarantees on job security and above inflation pay rises, has threatened a series of warning strikes if no deal is done on Thursday.’